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640-875 SPNGN1 – Cisco:

This exam tests the basic knowledge and skills that are necessary to support a service provider network.

Latest updates Cisco CCNA SP 640-875 exam practice questions

You are configuring manual route summarization in EIGRP. Which two networks are summarized into
(Choose two.)
Correct Answer: AD

Which Layer 2 WAN protocol uses DLCI as the virtual circuit identifier?
C. Frame Relay
D. Packet over SONET
E. Metro Ethernet
Correct Answer: C

Given the IP address, which three options are the subnet that this IP address belongs to,
the host IP address range on this subnet, and the subnet broadcast IP address?
A. subnet =
B. subnet =
C. subnet =
D. host IP address range = to
E. host IP address range = to
F. host IP address range = to
G. subnet broadcast IP address =
H. subnet broadcast IP address =
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I. subnet broadcast IP address =
Correct Answer: ADH

Which two commands can be used to enable LACP when configuring the interfaces for a 40 gigabit etherchannel?
(Choose two.)
A. switch (config-if)# channel-group 1 mode active
B. switch (config-if)# channel-group 1 mode auto
C. switch (config-if)# channel-group 1 mode desirable
D. switch (config-if)# channel-group 1 mode passive
E. switch (config-if)# channel-group 1 mode LACP
Correct Answer: AD

Refer to the exhibit.

lead4pass 640-875 exam question q5

You want to enable these three actions:
Enable the fa0/1 router\\’s interface to obtain its interface IP address dynamically from a DHCP server.
Enable the router to configure the next hop ip address of the default route automatically based on the DHCP response.
Enable the router to act as the DHCP server for other clients connected to the router fa0/2 interface.
Which three Cisco IOS configurations must you use? (Choose three.)
A. ip route fa0/1
B. ip route dhcp
C. ip dhcp excluded-address!ip dhcp pool test1network
D. ip dhcp pool test2ip local pool test2 server
E. int fa0/1ip address auto
F. int fa0/1ip address dhcp
G. int fa0/1ip helper-address dhcp
Correct Answer: BCF

Which IPv6 feature replaced and enhanced the IPv4 ARP functions?
A. ARPv6
C. Neighbor discovery protocol in ICMPv6
D. Router solicitation and router advertisement
E. Auto configuration
Correct Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit.lead4pass 640-875 exam question q7

Company 1 has merged with Company 2. Company 1 is using RIPv2 as its IGP and Company 2 is using EIGRP as its
IGP. EIGRP also is running between R1 and R2 over the WAN link. Which action must be taken to allow these two
The Company 1 RIP routes appear as external EIGRP routes within Company 2. The Company 2 EIGRP routes appear
as RIPv2 routes within Company 1.
A. Enable RIPv2 on the R2 router.
B. Enable RIPv2 on the R2 router and on all internal routers of Company 2. Enable EIGRP on all internal routers of
Company 1.
C. Configure mutual route redistribution between RIPv2 and EIGRP on the R1 and R2 routers.
D. Configure mutual route redistribution between RIPv2 and EIGRP on the R1 router.
E. Configure mutual route redistribution between RIPv2 and EIGRP on the R2 router.
Correct Answer: D

A network engineer has configured an interface with various commands including the no shutdown command on an IOS-
XR device. Both sides of the interface have been validated and the cable has been tested. Which command does the
network engineer need to input?
A. switch#copy running-configuration startup-configuration
B. switch#commit config
C. (config)#commit
D. switch(config)#commit config
E. switch#write memory
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following correctly pairs the dotted decimal subnet mask with the correct number of binary bits that
represent the subnet mask?
A. and /25
B. and /28
C. and /26
D. and /27
E. and /28
F. and /16
Correct Answer: E

What is the result of using the Cisco IOS copy tftp: run command?
A. The running configuration on the Cisco IOS device is backed up to the TFTP server.
B. Only new configuration parameters from the saved configuration file on the TFTP server are added to the running
configuration. No changes to any existing configuration parameters in the running configuration are made.
C. The running configuration on the Cisco IOS device is replaced with the saved configuration file on the TFTP server.
D. The configuration stored in the TFTP server is merged with the running configuration on the Cisco IOS device.
E. The saved configuration file from the TFTP server is copied to the target configuration.
Correct Answer: D

What two commands enable port security and allow the switch to dynamically learn the connected MAC address?
(Choose two.)
A. switch5(config-if)#switchport port-security
B. switch5(config)#switchport port-security
C. switch5(config-if)#switchport port-security mac-address sticky
D. switch5(config)#switchport port-security mac-address sticky
E. switch5(config-if)#switchport port-security mac-address dynamic
F. switch5(config-if)#switchport port-security mac-address auto
Correct Answer: AC

Which three physical lines can provide local or remote access to a Cisco router or switch? (Choose three.)
A. Console port
B. Modem port
C. Virtual terminal lines
D. Switch fabric interface
E. Aux port
F. ManagementEthernet0/RSP0/CPU0/0
Correct Answer: AEF

What are the three RFC 1918 IPv4 private address ranges? (Choose three.)
A. –
B. –
C. –
D. –
E. –
Correct Answer: ACE

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