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  1. HP HPE0-V14 exam tips
  2. HP HPE0-V14 exam details
  3. HP HPE0-V14 Exam process and Exam Path
  4. HP HPE0-V14 exam dumps (pdf + vce)
  5. Free sharing of HP HPE0-V14 practice test questions
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Latest update HP HPE0-V14 exam tips

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HP HPE0-V14 exam details

  • Vendor: HP
  • Exam Code: HPE0-V14
  • Exam Name: Building HPE Hybrid IT Solutions
  • Certification: HPE ATP – Hybrid IT Solutions V2
  • Total Questions: 287 Q&A
  • Exam Language: English
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HP HPE0-V14 Exam process and Exam Path

This ATP certification validates a successful candidate has foundational knowledge and skills of the HPE infrastructure strategy, encompassing SMB server, storage, networking, and management tools and their underlying architecture technologies. Given a set of customer requirements and a solution design,
implement the solution.

hp exam certification path

Exam session rules

We take steps to ensure that every testing experience is a good one, but we still stop your exam if the rules aren’t followed.

  • You must be fully clothed throughout your entire exam (no hats or hoods)
  • You must stay within your webcam view
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  • You cannot leave your testing environment
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  • You cannot move your webcam once your testing session has started
  • Mumbling or speaking out loud will lead to a warning


Perform a system test
Make sure to do the required system test and exam simulation before exam day.*

Find your testing space
Find a quiet, distraction-free area in your home or office to take your exam.

Get your ID ready
Your ID must be valid and up to date. Does your program have specific ID policies?

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HP HPE0-V14 VCE practice format

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Get free HP HPE0-V14 practice test questions

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Free sharing of HP HPE0-V14 exam practice questions (1-5)

ou are designing a system for a customer that runs an OLTP application. The customer has SAN based storage. They
need to accelerate application performance. Which HPE ProLiant Gen10 feature set will address this customer\’s
A. intelligent system tuning
B. intelligent provisioning
C. CNSA suite
D. scalable persistent memory
Correct Answer: A

A customer needs a shared storage solution for a virtualization platform that will host a database application. The
customer is considering an HPE Nimble array. Which feature would lead you to propose an HPE Nimble AF40 over an
HPE 3PAR All Flash array?
A. Fibre Channel Connectivity
B. 10Gb iSCSI support
C. Supported by Infosight for predictive analytics
D. Predictable performance event with one failed controller
Correct Answer: C

A customer plans to back up a file server that holds 2 TB of data
The customer wants to upgrade their network infrastructure to support backup and to implement a datacenter network
Which solutions would HPE recommend to meet the customer needs? (Choose two.)
A. FlexFabric 5900
B. StoreEasy 1450
C. StoreVirtual VSA
D. Aruba 2900
E. StoreOnce 3100
Correct Answer: AE

A client needs a data center network for a highly-virtualized server environment. They have the following requirements
25 Gb connectivity from the servers to the top-of-rack switches
support for iSCSl storage
lowest possible latency between their VM farms, which are contained In separate cabinets and connected to different
top-of-rack switches within the data center
support for Python script interpretation and open APIs
Which networking product line and architecture should you recommend?
A. ArubaOS-Swrtch configured in a spine/leaf architecture with 5406R switches at the spine and 2930M leaf switches
B. ArubaOS-CX configured in a spine/leaf architecture with 8325 switches at the spine and 8320 leaf switches utilizing
VSX between cabinets
C. ArubaOS-CX configured in spine/leaf architecture with 8325 switches at the spine and leaf
D. HPE FlexFabicc configured in a traditional two-tier architecture with 5950 switches at the core and 5940 access
switches configured using IRF stacks per cabinet
Correct Answer: A

A solution integrator is installing new data center components including an HPE G2 Advanced Rack with two Standard
Series G2 PDUs A customer observing the installation process questions whether there will be sufficient power for
additional equipment that may be added in the future.
How should the solution integrator respond\’?
A. HPE G2 Advanced racks allow additional PDUs to be added if additional equipment requires more outlets or more
available power
B. HPE Standard Series G2 PDUs allow additional inlet power cords to support additional equipment in the future.
C. HPE PDUs support elevated temperatures up to 75 (1673F), in case the additional equipment power draw results in
increased heat generation.
D. Two HPE Standard G2 PDUs will support 42U of racked equipment, so any equipment added in the future will be
accommodated by the current PDU configuration
Correct Answer: B

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