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Scenario: A company is considering using NetScaler appliances to load balance existing secured web servers. The company compliance policy does NOT allow any alterations of the SSL sessions between clients and web servers.
Which option should a Citrix Administrator configure on the NetScaler virtual server to meet the needs of the company?
B. SSL Bridge
C. SSL Offload
D. SSL Renegotiation
Correct Answer: B

Which two steps must a Citrix Administrator take to allow additional users to access resources using the NetScaler Gateway Plug-in after the administrator installs the universal license on the NetScaler Gateway? (Choose two.)
A. Set ICA Proxy to OFF.
B. Configure Citrix Receiver Home Page.
C. Change the authentication AAA settings.
D. Set Single Sign-on with Windows to OFF.
Correct Answer: AC

Which two parameters are required for adding a new node to a cluster? (Choose two.)
A. Cluster IP of the new cluster node
B. NetScaler IP of the new cluster node
C. NetScaler IP of the existing cluster node
D. Remote NetScaler user name and password
E. Backplane interface of the existing cluster node
Correct Answer: BD

Scenario: Users report that they are being presented with a certificate error when they attempt to access the remote access website of the company. 1Y0-253 dumps No changes were made to the NetScaler certificates recently.
What should the Citrix Administrator check on the NetScaler to identify this issue?
A. Cert Links
B. OCSP Binding
C. Certificate Format
D. Certificate Expiry Date
Correct Answer: D

Which monitor should a Citrix Administrator configure to monitor a StoreFront server group with SSL enabled?
C. STOREFRONT with “Secure” checked
D. CITRIX-WEB-INTERFACE with “Secure” checked
Correct Answer: D

What should be done to ensure high availability (HA) failover in a NetScaler HA configuration?
A. Disable all unused system interfaces.
B. Disable the IPv6 feature on the NetScaler.
C. Enable all used and unused system interfaces.
D. Change the NetScaler HA setup to two-arm mode.
Correct Answer: A

A Citrix Administrator needs to track load balanced traffic from the NetScaler to separate, individual subnets.
Which IP address should be used to do this?
A. Virtual IP (VIP)
B. Mapped IP (MIP)
C. NetScaler IP (NSIP)
D. Subnet IP (SNIP)
Correct Answer: D

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is configuring user authentication on the NetScaler Gateway. The administrator wants to use the same login name that is used to log into Windows-based domain joined workstations.
Which Server Logon Name Attribute should be used?
A. memberOf
B. displayName
C. sAMAccountName
D. userAccountControl
Correct Answer: C

Two StoreFront servers in an environment need to be addressed with a single URL.
Which feature should a Citrix Administrator enable to meet this requirement?
B. Load Balancing
C. Integrated Caching
D. Application Firewall
Correct Answer: A

Which two steps must a Citrix Administrator complete to configure the SSL Offloading feature on a NetScaler appliance? (Choose two.)
A. Create a DNS virtual server.
B. Configure an AAA virtual server.
C. Create an SSL VPN virtual server.
D. Create a load balancing virtual server.
E. Import a valid certification-key pair and bind it to the virtual server.
Correct Answer: DE

A Citrix Administrator needs to mask the server name used by a web server, without exposing the web server virtual directory structure. 1Y0-253 dumps
Which policy should the administrator use to complete this task?
A. Responder
B. Content Filtering
C. Content Switching
D. URL Transformation
Correct Answer: D

A Citrix Administrator is replacing an expired SSL certificate bound to a virtual server.
The established ICA connections to the virtual server will display as _______. (Choose the correct option to complete the sentence.)
A. logged off
B. terminated
C. disconnected
D. uninterrupted
Correct Answer: C

At the onset of a XenDesktop 7.5 with NetScaler Gateway 10.5 proof-of-concept, users report they are unable to access desktop and server OS machines.
Which configuration might be preventing users from accessing desktop and server OS machines?
A. Single-hop DMZ with StoreFront
B. Double-hop DMZ with StoreFront
C. Single-hop DMZ with Web Interface
D. Double-hop DMZ with Web Interface
Correct Answer: B

Which two pieces of information are required to create a virtual server? (Choose two.)
A. Port
B. Protocol
C. Subnet Mask
D. Gateway Address
Correct Answer: AB

Various users report that while accessing the Citrix NetScaler Gateway virtual server they get an error message that the public SSL certificate is NOT trusted.
Which three steps should a Citrix Administrator take on the NetScaler to resolve this issue? (Choose three.)
A. Import the root certificate.
B. Import the intermediate certificate.
C. Download the root certificate from the vendor.
D. Link the root certificate to the intermediate certificate.
E. Download the intermediate certificate from the vendor.
F. Link the intermediate certificate to the existing server certificate.
Correct Answer: BEF

A Citrix Administrator needs to configure NetScaler Gateway to communicate with the StoreFront providing resources hosted on XenApp and XenDesktop. 1Y0-253 dumps
Which IP address does the NetScaler use to route user connections to the StoreFront?
A. Subnet IP (SNIP)
B. NetScaler IP (NSIP)
C. User Source IP (USIP)
D. Client IP (CIP)
Correct Answer: A

Scenario: A Citrix Administrator is implementing a NetScaler appliance for the first time. All clients will connect from a public network and all servers will reside on a private network.
Which deployment mode should the administrator use to implement the NetScaler?
A. Layer 2 (L2) mode
B. Layer 3 (L3) mode
C. Two-arm deployment mode
D. MAC-based forwarding mode
Correct Answer: C

Which two IP addresses are required for a new NetScaler Gateway installation when using the First-Time Setup Wizard? (Choose two.)
A. Client IP (CIP)
B. Virtual IP (VIP)
C. Subnet IP (SNIP)
D. NetScaler IP (NSIP)
Correct Answer: AB

Which IP address must be unique on each node in a high availability configuration?
A. Virtual IP (VIP)
B. Mapped IP (MIP)
C. Subnet IP (SNIP)
D. NetScaler IP (NSIP)
Correct Answer: B

Which component is required to allow users to launch Worx Home through a NetScaler Gateway?
A. App Controller
B. Citrix Receiver
C. Citrix StoreFront
D. NetScaler Gateway Plug-in
Correct Answer: C

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