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Free test Cisco CCNP Collaboration 300-080 Exam questions and Answers

What is the default maximum login time for a user in Cisco Extension Mobility?
A. 1 hour
B. 2 hours
C. 4 hours
D. 8 hours
E. 10 hours
F. 12 hours
Correct Answer: D


You are receiving complaints of pixilation, smearing, and pulsing of video calls between two offices that are connected
by a WAN. Assuming that QoS is implemented on the WAN connection, which classification should you use to mark the
video traffic, according to the Cisco QoS baseline?
A. CS6
B. CS2
C. AF41
D. AF31
F. CS3
Correct Answer: C


Cisco TelePresence System EX90-A and EX90-B are in a call. EX90-A tries to call EX90-C.
When the call is dialed, EX90-B is put on hold. EX90-A and EX90-C are connected, but there is no merge button on the
touch panel. What is causing this issue?
A. The multisite option key is missing.
B. The multisite configuration is missing.
C. The conference option key is missing.
D. The conference configuration is missing.
E. CiscoTelePresence systems cannot make multipoint calls without a Cisco TelePresence Server.
F. The multipoint option key is missing.
Correct Answer: A


Cisco Telepresence System EX90 1 is trying to call Ex90 2. Both endpoints are registered to Cisco Unified
Communications Manager. The Call connects but the quality is not good. The video image is breaking up on EX 90 2.
The media path from A to B supports only 2MB. Which three reasons are possible causes? (Choose Three)
A. The Camera on System B has a loose cable.
B. The line is congested and QoS is not configured correctly between the sites.
C. Bandwidth limitations between the regions is set too low for video.
D. Bandwidth limitations between the IP zones is set too low for video.
E. The auto negotiation protocol H.286 is turned off on one of the EX90s.
F. The system is set to use a higher bandwidth than the media path allows.
Correct Answer: BDE


Before a SAF client begins to forward, publish, subscribe, and update service data, with which option must it establish a
A. SAF service identifier
B. SAF domains
C. SAF forwarder
D. SAF Cisco Unified Communications Manager
Correct Answer: C


Refer to the exhibit. What does this trace indicate?lead4pass 300-080 exam question q6

A. a disconnected call
B. a completed call setup
C. a failed call setup
D. an interrupted call setup
Correct Answer: B


You discover that a CCD client is failing to learn patters with RTMT. Which two actions can you take to troubleshoot the
problem? (Choose Two)
A. Verify that SIP trunk between Cisco Unified Communications Manager and the Cisco Unified Presence Server is
configured correctly.
B. Verify that the trunk is selected for the CCD advertising service.
C. Verify that the trunk is selected for the CCD requesting service.
D. Verify that EIGRP topology information is available to the SAF Forwarders.
E. Verify the SAF configuration.
Correct Answer: CE


While you deploy SAF CCD in a remote location, you are unable to enable the SAF CCD service on an Cisco IOS-
based device. Which action can you take to troubleshoot the problem?
A. Verify that Cisco Unity Express is operational.
B. Verify that IOS Release 15.0(1)M is installed.
C. Verify that DSP Farm resources are configured on the device.
D. Verify that the device has sufficient RAM to run SAF CCD.
E. Verify the integrity of the flash installation.
Correct Answer: B


After an IP Phone gets IP address information from DHCP, what is the next step in the initialization process?
A. CTL and ITL files are downloaded.
B. The phone requests its VLAN information.
C. The DHCP offer is sent from the phone
D. The TFTP server is contacted for configuration information.
E. Nothing else is required, the phone is operational at this stage
Correct Answer: D


Refer to the exhibit. According to the output of the debug voip ccapi inout command, why was this call dropped?lead4pass 300-080 exam question q10

A. Normal call clearing
B. User busy
C. Call rejected
D. Invalid number
E. No circuit
F. No resource
Correct Answer: A


What is a common reason that an IP Phone cannot get its configuration from Cisco Unified Communications Manager
after it obtains the correct IP address information?
A. The DHCP scope is exhausted.
B. The DHCP server is not reachable.
C. The DHCP scope is on the wrong subnet.
D. The DHCP scope has the incorrect Option 150 or 66 defined.
Correct Answer: D


When troubleshooting a “disconnect code 65” on Cisco Unified Border Element, which option is the likely cause in the
A. missing dial-peer
B. codec mismatch
C. dtmf-relay misconfiguration
D. no IP address trust list
Correct Answer: B

Which step in the problem-solving model is important to accurately interview end users to get all the pertinent details of
the problem?
A. Implement Action Plan
B. Define the Problem
C. Consider the Possibilities
D. Create Action Plan
E. Gather Facts
F. Observe Results
G. Restart Problem-Solving Process
H. Problem Resolved
Correct Answer: E

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