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Latest Updates Scrum PSM-II Exam Practice Questions and Answers


When technical debt occurs, the system will become more unstable as development progresses and code is added
resulting in future work being slowed down.
A. True
B. False

Correct Answer: A

Technical debt is any shortcomings in the code. It is a natural by-product of software development (unavoidable) and
can at best be managed. If neglected, it will compound and have a negative effect on the team\’s ability to deliver
value. A team can have an artificially high velocity by taking shortcuts or introducing technical debt into the system. This
can give a false assumption about the current state of the product. It can look good on the surface but underneath can
be a mess.


Steven, the Scrum Master, observes that one of the Development Team members is not attending the Daily Scrum. The
Development Team feels this is ok as they all sit in the same area and already have constant communication throughout
the day.
Which is the best action for Steven to take?
A. Start running the Daily Scrum and require all members to be in attendance.
B. Talk to the Development Team member privately and tell him that he needs to be a team player.
C. Ask the Development Team, what value will result from having all team members present at the Daily Scrum and
what are the risks of members don\’t attend.
D. The Daily Scrum is owned by the Development Team and it is their responsibility to decide which team members
must participate.

Correct Answer: C

The Scrum Master is responsible for ensuring that the Scrum Team understands the purpose and value of the Scrum
events. Because the Daily Scrum is owned by the Development Team, it will decide how best to run the event. And if
needed the Scrum Master will coach the team to ensure the decisions stay within the boundaries of the Scrum


An organization is using Scrum to build five new products.
What would be the best two options for the number of Product Owners the organization should have? (Choose two.)
A. There is one Product Owner for each product (so five in total). Each Product Owner may delegate, share and align
work within their individual Product Backlog.

B. Enough Product Owners to delegate as much work needed to maximize utilization of all Development Team
C. There is one Product Owner responsible for all five products. This person is not allowed to delegate any of the
Product Owner responsibilities as he/she is accountable for the success of each product.
D. There is one Product Owner responsible for all five products. In order to scale his/her role, he/she can delegate some
of the individual Product Owner responsibilities to others within each product but would still remain accountable for the
value of the work produced.

Correct Answer: AD

The Product Owner is the sole person responsible for maximizing the value of the product through the ordering and
management of the Product Backlog. This reduces complexity in communication and understanding who to go to when
there are questions about the product. The Product Owner may delegate his/her responsibilities but still remains
accountable for the outcome of those responsibilities.


When does a Sprint end?
A. When there is no work remaining in the Sprint Backlog.
B. When the time-box expires.
C. It depends on the Product Owner.
D. Immediately after the conclusion of the Sprint Review.

Correct Answer: B


A Development Team has a total of six members, 4 members who work full time in the office, and 2 members who work
part-time at home. The Development Team is complaining that it is too difficult to synchronize every day and has
suggested having the Daily Scrum every other day instead.
What would be three key concerns if the Daily Scrum is held less frequently? (Choose three.)
A. Impediments are raised and resolved more slowly.
B. Opportunities to inspect and adapt the Sprint Backlog are reduced.
C. Less information about the progress will be shared causing the Sprint plan to become inaccurate and reducing
transparency over progress toward the Sprint Goal.
D. The Scrum Master loses the ability to update the burndown chart adequately.
E. The Product Owner cannot accurately inspect the utilization of the individual team members.

Correct Answer: ABC

The Daily Scrum is an internal meeting for the Development Team to inspect progress toward the Sprint Goal and to
inspect how progress is trending toward completing the work in the Sprint Backlog. The Daily Scrum optimizes the
probability that the Development Team will meet the Sprint Goal. Every day, the Development Team should understand
how it intends to work together as a self-organizing team to accomplish the Sprint Goal and create the anticipated
Increment by the end of the Sprint.
Reducing the frequency of the event will increase the length of the feedback loop and adds risk if the team deviates too
far off course.


Steven is a Scrum Master of a Scrum Team that is new to Scrum. At the halfway point of the Sprint, the Product Owner
comes to Steven telling him that he is concerned the Development Team will not be able to complete the entire Sprint
Backlog by the end of the Sprint.
What should Steven do in this situation?
A. Motivate the Development Team to meet its commitment to the Product Owner.
B. Coach the Product Owner that with complex software development, you cannot promise the entire scope that was
forecast during Sprint Planning. As more is learned during the Sprint, work may emerge that affects the Sprint Backlog.

C. Advise the Product Owner that the Development Team owns the Sprint Backlog and it is up to them to meet their
commitments. No one tells the Development Team how to turn Product Backlog into Increments of potentially releasable
D. Add more people to the Development Team to meet the Product Owner\’s expectations.

Correct Answer: B

Scrum is founded on empirical process control theory, or empiricism. Empiricism asserts that knowledge comes from
experience and making decisions based on what is known. The Sprint Backlog is a forecast by the Development Team
about what functionality will be in the next Increment and the work needed to deliver that functionality into a `Done\’
Increment. The Development Team modifies the Sprint Backlog throughout the Sprint, and the Sprint Backlog emerges
the Sprint. This emergence occurs as the Development Team works through the plan and learns more about the work
needed to achieve the Sprint Goal.
Why C is incorrect:
a) The Dev Team does not commit to finishing all items in the Sprint Backlog. Committing to completing all items would
be fixed scope and fixed time leaving no room to adapt. They commit to the Sprint Goal and doing the right thing. b)
also incorrect for the PO to focus on completing the entire Sprint Backlog. Finishing everything should not be his main
focus. Having a shippable increment that meets the Sprint Goal is more important than trying to finish everything. The
advice in option C is equivalent to “Don\’t worry, they\’ll get everything done.” but because of the complex domain, you
cannot guarantee everything will get done.


A Scrum Master is not only a servant-leader to the Scrum Team and organization, but it\’s also considered a management
Which three activities describe what a Scrum Master manages as reflected by the Scrum Guide? (Choose three.)
A. Reporting on the performance of the Sprint.
B. The way Scrum is understood and enacted within the organization.
C. Managing the capacity and utilization of each Development Team member.
D. Managing the process in which Scrum is applied.
E. Managing the Product Backlog items and work in the Sprint Backlog.
F. Removing organizational impediments that limit the team\’s progress and productivity.

Correct Answer: BDF

The Scrum Master must understand the principles and values behind agility as well as the Scrum theory. He/she also
must act in ways that reflect the values of Scrum and creates an environment for others to also embrace those values.
He/ she is responsible for ensuring the team\’s process stays within the boundaries of the Scrum framework as well as
helping and supporting the team with continuous improvement.


What should a Development Team do if it realizes it has selected too much work after starting the Sprint?
A. Modify the definition of “Done” to ensure all Product Backlog items can be done by the end of the Sprint.
B. Work with the Product Owner to remove some work or Product Backlog items as soon as possible.
C. Add additional team members to handle the extra work.
D. Continue working and update the Product Owner at the Sprint Review.

Correct Answer: B

The Sprint Backlog is a living artifact that evolves and changes as more is learned or discovered.


Part of the team\’s Definition of “Done” requires creating or updating technical documentation in order to maintain the
product and/or features in the future. The team\’s technical writer will be on vacation during the Sprint. What should you
A. Encourage technical writers from other teams to form a specialized team to organize and plan the work for
multiple teams.
B. The Development Team members will write it as they are still responsible for creating the documentation to make the
The increment is done in conformance with their Definition of “Done.”

C. Wait until the technical writer returns before continuing with related items.
D. Complete all development work first while adding technical documentation to the Product Backlog to be done in a
subsequent Sprint.

Correct Answer: B

All Product Backlog items selected for the Sprint are owned by the Development Team as a whole. Although individual
members may work on specific tasks, the Development Team is still accountable for doing the work to deliver a
shippable Increment.


What action can the Scrum Master take to ensure communication between the Development Team and Product Owner
is effective?
A. Ensure all communication goes through the Scrum Master first.
B. Teach the Product Owner to talk in terms of technology and technical requirements.
C. Observe the communications between them and facilitate discussions if needed or by request.
D. Translate the technologies used by the Development Team in order for the Product Owner to make decisions.

Correct Answer: C

One of the primary responsibilities of a Scrum Master is the ability to facilitate regardless of the context or setting.


You have a Scrum Team that has been working together for over a year. The Development Team consists of eleven
members who rarely collaborate and work within their functional boundaries. There are no Sprint Goals and most of the
items in the Sprint Backlog are unrelated. The Scrum Team has concluded that it is not possible to create Sprint Goals
based on the items in the Product Backlog.
What might explain why the Scrum Team is finding it difficult to craft Sprint Goals? (Choose all that apply.)
A. The Sprints are too long.
B. The Product Owner is not empowered to make decisions about items in the Product Backlog nor how they are

C. The Product Owner doesn\’t set objectives that he/she wants to achieve with upcoming Sprints.
D. Scrum might not be the best framework for this team.
E. The Development Team is too big.

Correct Answer: BCD

Many people misinterpret the Scrum Guide as stating the Development Team size is limited to 3-9 members. In reality, it
only states that there is an inherent risk attached to having less than 3 members and more than 9 members. As the number
of members increases, the lines of communication also increase. This can be calculated using the Group
intercommunication formula: n(n – 1) / 2 where n is the number of members. Some teams are able to handle the risk and
“synergize” whereas others might struggle. Saying that, the relationship between defining a Sprint Goal and
Development Team size is unclear.
But the relationship between the ordering of the Product Backlog, the PO having clear objectives, and the Sprint Goal
is direct. The Product Owner typically comes to the Sprint Planning with a business objective in mind and Product
Backlog items related to the business objective. After deciding what can be done for the upcoming Sprint, the Scrum
The team will craft a Sprint Goal that would be met through the implementation of the items. This is not dependent on the
size of the team nor the length of the Sprint.
Scrum is also a framework that\’s fit for purpose. Some projects/products are not fit for Scrum… or, better stated, Scrum
is not suitable for all projects/products.


APO (Product Owner) is essentially the same thing as a traditional PM (Project Manager).
A. True
B. False

Correct Answer: B

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