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Best Microsoft Dynamics AX MB6-893 Dumps Exam Questions And Answers (Q1-Q30)

You are processing a customer payment and want to generate a payment line based on due date so that you can search the invoice lines that meet selected search criteria.
What should you do?
A. Use Settlement
B. Use payment transfer.
C. Use Manual Payment Journal
D. Use Payment proposal
Correct Answer: A

In Microsoft Dynamics AX Financial, you generate a fixed assets acquisition transaction directly from a purchase order invoice. Where will the associated General Ledger postings be made?
A. To only the Fixed asset issue account.
B. To only the Fixed asset receipt account.
C. To only the Fixed asset suspense account.
D. To the Fixed asset issue and Fixed asset receipt accounts.
Correct Answer: D

Your company creates a policy that requires invoice matching information on documents.
Which three types of documents are used for invoice matching? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.
A. purchase order
B. vendor invoice
C. receipts list
D. purchase order confirmation
E. product receipt
Correct Answer: CDE

A controller wants to run a Trial Balance report by main account and department
What does that controller need to set up so that Microsoft Dynamics AX Financial will allow this selection during the generation of the Trial Balance report?
A. derived financial hierarchies
B. advanced rule structures
C. financial dimension sets
D. account structures
Correct Answer: D

Your company needs to reuse a check number in case a check was printed incorrectly or the check stock was not used. You need to allow reuse of the check number. Where do you define this action?
A. in the Vendors area of the Accounts payable parameters setup form
B. in the Customers area of Accounts receivable parameters setup form
C. in the Cash and bank management parameters form of the Cash and bank management parameters setup form
D. in the Posting area of the General ledger parameters setup form
Correct Answer: A

You are implementing fixed assets for your company. Your company buys a machine for 100.000 USD and recognizes 10,000 USD of depreciation per year over the following ten years. At that time, the machine is not only fully depreciated, but the company is eliminating the machine without receiving any payment in return.
What are two available methods to eliminate a fixed asset? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.
A. Revaluation
B. Provision for reserve
C. Disposal scrap
D. Disposal sale
Correct Answer: CD

You are setting up an allocation rule and distributing amounts based on revenue dollars.
You need to share the cost of corporate advertising expenses across all departments and base each department’s sales in proportion to the total sales of all departments. MB6-893 dumps
Which allocation should you choose?
A. Fixed Percentage
B. Equally
C. Fixed Weight
D. Basis
Correct Answer: B

You need to consolidate multiple subsidiary company transactions into the consolidation company in Microsoft Dynamics AX Financial.
You need to modify the financial dimensions at the time of consolidation, such as including the originating company code on each transaction.
When performing a consolidation in Dynamics AX, which three specifications can be selected for each dimension? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.
A. group dimension
B. main accounts
C. dimension
D. operating units
E. company accounts
Correct Answer: ACD

You are an accounts receivable manager.
You have an agreement with a customer that they will pay installments on the 25th day of the month every three months.
On the customer terms of payment, which three settings do you need to specify? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.
A. cash payment
B. payment method
C. payment type
D. payment day
E. payment schedule
Correct Answer: CDE

You are the controller in a foreign subsidiary of your company.
You are creating a sales order with no sales tax for a foreign customer. You need to report this sales by creating a tax code.
What should you set up in this situation?
A. conditional sales tax
B. withholding sales tax
C. standard sales tax
D. sales tax exemption
Correct Answer: D

Your company has decided to add five new vendors for purchasing and you are responsible for confi-guring the vendors in the new system.
You want to group vendors by some specific values that are shared across multiple vendors and you have indentified vender groups on the vendor group from, which two specific values can be defined? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.
A. Terms of payment
B. aging periods
C. matching policy
D. default tax group
Correct Answer: BD

You decide that department managers must submit budget plans to you each quarter.
You need to use the budget planning template wizard to generate a budget planning template that each department submit to you.
What are three prerequisites for creating a template for budget plan worksheets? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.
A. Create a budget plan and review its information by using a worksheet template.
B. Decide which matrix fields to creat.
C. Select the worksheet template to use for the budget planning process.
D. Decide which fields to use for the header.
E Decide which columns to include on the worksheet.
Correct Answer: ABD

You are implementing consolidations for your company. You want to use the consolidation conversion principles to convert subsidiary data in foreign currencies.
What are three requirements for starting the consolidation process? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.
A. Consolidation accounts
B. Balance control account
C. Consolidation account group
D. Legal Entity
E. Ledger elimination rule
Correct Answer: ADE

You are an accounts receivable manager.
You need to generate a document that you can send to for a period.
What should you do?
A. Generate an internal accounts statement.
B. Generate a report for customer transactions.
C. Generate a collection letter note.
D. Generate a customer accounts statement.
Correct Answer: A

Your customer needs to set up Fixed assets and treat them as though they were purchased and placed in service at the mid-point of the first year, no matter when during that year the purchase was actually made.
Which depreciation convention should you use when creating the depreciation profile?
A. full month
B. half year
C. mid quarter
D. mid month
Correct Answer: B

Your company creates a bank account for U.S. payroll disbursements.
You need to configure the new bank account in Microsoft Dynamics AX Financial and configure the check layout. You notice the date is printing in DD-MM-YYYY format, and you are not able to change the date format on the check layout form.
What determines the format of the date?
A. bank group on the bank groups form
B. check form setting on the check layout form
C. bank on the bank account form
D. vendor on the vendor form
Correct Answer: B

You are creating a budget register entry. You notice that a manual budget reservation will exceed the budget.
What should you do within the budget register entry to satisfy the over-budget condition?
A. enter recurrence
B. transfer balances
C. allocate across periods
D. allocate across dimensions
Correct Answer: A

You are setting up taxes on customer invoices. You need to report a sales tax on the invoice, as and when it is settled, to the tax authorities. MB6-893 dumps
MB6-893 dumps
When the customer settles the invoice with the second payment of 625 USD, you report the remaining sales tax. What should you set up in this situation?
A. Withholding sales tax
B. Sales tax exemption
C. Standard sales tax
D. Conditional sales taxes
Correct Answer: D

You are creating a new budget and realize that you need to allocate a certain percentage of the total budget amount across defined periods.
In order to do this on the budget register entry, you need to define the percentage that will be allocated in each period.
What should you set up in order to achieve this goal?
A. budget transfer
B. period allocation key
C. budget allocation term
D. budget cycle
Correct Answer: D

An accountant needs to define which main accounts and financial dimensions can t>e used together when entering journals and transactions.
The accountant sets up the chart of accounts and creates the financial dimensions.
What are two possible actions the accountant can perform next to achieve the goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.
A. Configure Account Structure.
B. Create Derived Financial Hierarchies.
C. Set up Advanced Rules.
D. Set up Financial Dimension Sets.
Correct Answer: BD

Because of an agreement that your company has with a customer about when a payment can be posted, you need to prevent users from posting payments until a specified date.
Which field should you update on the customer payment journal to achieve this goal?
A. Due date
B. Approval date
C. Release date
D. Payment date
Correct Answer: C

You are a credit and collections manager.
You need to group all customers who are based in a single city and have balances greater than 10,000 USD so that the collections process is streamlined for the collections agent.
What should you do?
A. Set up collection agents.
B. Set up collections case category.
C. Set up customer pools.
D. Create a collections team.
Correct Answer: D

A budget manager is considering which components of Microsoft Dynamics AX Financial budgeting are required to meet company needs. The key requirement is that department- level budgetary changes for the following year must undergo an approval process through the requester’s manager and a final approval by the budget manager.
Which three Dynamics AX budgeting components are required to accomplish budget tracking and workflow for the following year’s budget? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.
A. Budget Register Entries
B. Budget Planning
C. Budget Control
D. Basic Budgeting
E. Budget Reservations
Correct Answer: ACE

You are an accountant responsible for vendor payment processing.
In the role of controller, you want to post a transaction of 5,000 USD that the company paid for audio-visual equipment to a vendor using a general journal entry.
You select account type as Vendor and select the vendor account.
Which two options are a valid offset account type on the journal line? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.
A. Vendor
B. Bank
C. Fixed Assets
D. Customer
Correct Answer: AB

Your company is planning on using budget control.
You need to designate which document types will have budget control on line-entry and which document types will have budget control upon posting.
Which three documents allow you to enable the budget control at line-entry? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.
A. Purchase Requisitions
B. Sales Orders
C. Project Timesheets
D. Expense Reports
E. Purchase Orders
Correct Answer: CDE

Your company is considering tracking budgets by Account, Department, and Cost Center dimensions. There is a requirement to prevent exceeding the budgeted amounts for each Department but not for each Cost Center.
Which three actions must be performed to allow budget control for Accounts and Department, and basic budgeting by Account, Departments, and Cost Center, before budget control is enabled? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.
A. Select only “MainAccount” and “Department” as budgeting dimensions.
B. Select the main accounts for budget control.
C. Select only “MainAccount” and “Department” as budget control dimensions.
D. Select only “Department” as a budget control dimension.
E. Select only “MainAccount,” “Department” and “CostCenter” as budgeting dimensions.
Correct Answer: BCD

You are an accountant.
You are creating your travel expense budget for the fiscal year and want to enter the same budget amount for each month.
On the budget register entry, which option should you choose? MB6-893 dumps
A. transfer balances
B. allocate across dimensions
C. enter recurrence
D. allocate across periods
Correct Answer: A

In Microsoft Dynamics AX Financial, you enter a fixed asset that is associated with a project into the Project form. Which project types can you use for the fixed asset? (Choose all that apply.)
A. Cost
B. Fixed price
C. Internal
D. Investment
E. Time
F. Time and material
Correct Answer: ACD

When generating a bank statement report, you notice entries for Received checks and Issued checks. These entries are all unidentified. You want to identify the checks transactions simultaneously by using the bank statement report where should you define the default accounts for bank transactions of unidentified checks?
A. On the Reconciliation matching rules from
B. On the Bank transaction types from
C. On the Bank accounts from
D. On the Bank transaction group form
Correct Answer: A

Which type of fixed asset value adjustment is available in Microsoft Dynamics AX Financial?
A. Disposal sale
B. Disposal scrap
C. Provision for reserve
D. Write up adjustment
Correct Answer: D

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