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CompTIA Project+ is designed for business professionals who coordinate or manage small-to-medium-size projects, inside and outside of IT. The exam certifies the knowledge and skills required to manage the project life cycle, ensure appropriate, communication, manage resources, manage stakeholders, and maintain project documentation.

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Which of the following would be common kick-off meeting activities? (Select TWO).
A. Develop Work Breakdown Structure
B. Determine if the project meets organizational goals
C. Create project charter
D. Establish project roles and responsibilities
E. Communicate stakeholder expectations
Correct Answer: DE

A project manager is using historical data from multiple projects to estimate activity durations. Which of the following
network diagrams would BEST allow for the utilization of the information available?
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following conflict resolution techniques focuses on a positive relationship and deemphasizes the area of
A. Avoiding
B. Smoothing
C. Compromising
D. Forcing
Correct Answer: B

An unexpected risk has been identified in a project. Which of the following actions should the project manager perform
A. Add the risk to the risk register
B. Update the project probability / impact matrix
C. Submit a change request
D. Perform a risk qualitative analysis
Correct Answer: A

The key stakeholder requires the project manager to advance the completion date before funding runs out. The project
manager has had problems with this stakeholder in the past and wants to document this request. Which of the following
should the project manager do? (Select TWO).
A. Complete a project change request form.
B. Analyze the project impact.
C. Update the project scope statement.
D. Revise the scope management plan.
E. Monitor the work performance.
Correct Answer: AB

A project manager has a project with staff in four different countries. When generating the resource management plan,
which of the following should be considered FIRST?
A. Reviewing holiday and vacation schedule with all team members.
B. Getting the email address of all the employees.
C. Locating each employee on the map in the office.
D. Understanding the international country code of all the team members.
Correct Answer: A

A stakeholder wants to add another requirement to the deliverable. Which of the following will the project manager do to
determine the change\\’s effect on the project?
A. Performing an impact analysis
B. Identifying a change
C. Coordinating with stakeholders to select the course of action
D. Filling out a change control
Correct Answer: A

A project manager is entering the list of a project\\’s activities with their estimated begin and end time to visualize which
activities overlap and when the project is scheduled to end. Which of the following is the project manager building?
A. Gantt chart
B. Work Breakdown Structure
C. Critical Path
D. PERT chart
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following MUST be submitted as part of a project change request?
A. Request for information
B. Project charter
C. Updated detailed design
D. Financial impact analysis
Correct Answer: D

After completing a WBS, a project manager has been asked to identify human resource requirements. Which of the
following should be included in the project plan?
A. Training needs
B. Communication needs
C. Transportation needs
D. Conflict resolution preferences
Correct Answer: A

A project team member, Joe, has completed his project work. Although the project is not completed yet, Joe has been
assigned by the PMO director to a new project. Which of the following describes the organization structure Joe works
A. Functional
B. Matrix
C. Project based
D. Strong Matrix
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following components of a quality management plan eliminates output that is not up to standards?
A. Quality assurance
B. Quality control
C. Quality baseline
D. Quality metrics
Correct Answer: B

A project team is deciding on whether to “make or buy”. As part of the decision-making process, the team decides to
request a product update from key product suppliers. Which of the following should be used to facilitate this?
D. Vendor selection
Correct Answer: B

During a project, which of the following shows when risks should be reassessed?
A. A risk reassessment should occur at project closeout
B. Risks should be reviewed during lessons learned
C. Throughout the project lifecycle
D. When a risk has become an issue and has to be acted upon
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following conflict resolution techniques results in a lose-lose scenario?
A. Forcing
B. Confronting
C. Compromise
D. Negotiating
Correct Answer: C

A project scope document should include which of the following items? (Select TWO).
A. Cost control
B. Continuous service improvements
C. Key performance indicators
D. Detailed objectives
E. Risk management plan
Correct Answer: CD

The project team has just completed all of the design activities and will begin construction next week. Which of the
following will the project manager do prior to beginning the construction work?
A. Review all open design issues
B. Complete a team member performance appraisal
C. Conduct a phase gate review
D. Ask the project sponsor for permission to fast track
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following BEST describes a project risk?
A. Something that may positively or negatively impact the project
B. Something that has already affected the project
C. Something that is outside of the control of the project manager
D. Something that will negatively impact the project
Correct Answer: A

Objectives contained in the charter should resolve the:
A. Scope statement
B. Assumptions
C. Risks
D. Problem statement
Correct Answer: D

The project manager is reviewing the Pareto chart to identify if the life cycle of a deliverable is producing software bugs.
Which of the following are represented in the chart? (Select TWO).
A. Number of work units affected by the bug
B. Percentage of bug types occurring
C. Software bug counts
D. Root cause of bug occurrence
E. Affect of the bug occurrence
Correct Answer: BC

A project team has determined that all status reports will be sent via email. Which of the following components of the
project plan documents this information?
A. Status report plan
B. Communication plan
C. Discussion plan
D. Decision log
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following components of a project charter include identifying important milestones of the project?
A. Key project deliverables
B. High level assumptions
C. Identify stakeholders
D. High level constraints
Correct Answer: A

When performing quantitative risk analysis, which of the following should be produced?
A. Control chart
B. Decision tree
C. Run chart
D. Scatter diagram
Correct Answer: B

A project is struggling because additional requirements keep being requested that prevent the team from focusing on
the purpose of the project. This could have been avoided by using:
A. Quality metrics
B. A budget
D. A scope statement
Correct Answer: D

A new team has been put together for a construction project. The project currently does not have a cost estimate but the
company has done other builds similar to the one at task and needs the estimate at the end of the week. Which of the
following approaches would be BEST to determine the cost?
A. Analogous
B. Bottom up
C. Top down
D. Expert judgment
Correct Answer: A

After a change control board meeting, which of the following actions should the project manager do NEXT?
A. Notify the requester of the verdict.
B. Review the impact of proposed change.
C. Update the project scope statement.
D. Document the specific change request.
Correct Answer: A

A project manager of a particular project receives formal notification that a vendor has gone out of business. New
vendors with similar products at similar costs have been identified. Which of the following should the project manager do
A. Initiate RFQs to qualified vendors, update the project management plan and communicate the issue with the project
sponsor following the project communications plan.
B. Undertake a make-or-buy decision analysis; communicate the issue with the project sponsor following the project
communications plan.
C. Call a stakeholder meeting following the project communications plan to urgently review the project schedule; update
the project management plan.
D. Communicate the issue with the project sponsor following the project communications plan, call a project team
meeting to discuss alternatives and update the project management plan.
Correct Answer: A

Reviewing the results of a control chart, the project manager finds the production samples had results inside both the
upper control limit and the lower control limit. Which of the following is the BEST course of action for the project
manager based on this information?
A. The project manager should identify potential new production teams to obtain different results.
B. The project manager should create a report to outline the results for client review and request a more generous range
between limits.
C. The project manager should stop production until the processes are reviewed in full for identification of flaws.
D. The project manager should continue following the existing process, including the measuring of samples for tracking.
Correct Answer: D

Determining how to communicate general project information with a globally dispersed team has created scheduling
challenges. Which of the following would BEST remedy the situation?
A. Provide a written forum that allows for asynchronous participation
B. Conduct a meeting at a time where everyone is inconvenienced
C. Schedule a meeting when the majority of the team is available
D. Establish a conference call with all team members
Correct Answer: A

A chart of accounts is included in which of the following plans?
A. Quality management
B. Cost management
C. Risk management
D. Procurement management
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following scheduling algorithms establishes floats, durations, and paths between work schedule activities?
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following techniques is premised by a relatively small number of causes resulting in the majority of
A. Law of averages
B. Six sigma
C. Pareto analysis
D. Ishikawa diagram
Correct Answer: C

The project manager has noticed that meeting attendance rates are declining. Regular attendees prefer to talk about the
past or upcoming weekend as opposed to reporting on project updates. Which of the following shows how the project
manager should respond?
A. Take no action. Team bonding is important. Those that cannot attend are probably attending more important
meetings as this project is not the only initiative within the organization.
B. Change the meeting format to be a daily stand-up of no longer than 15 minutes.
C. Escalate non attendance to functional line managers. Cut off non-related discussions.
D. Establish ground rules, distribute an agenda, and use a facilitator.
Correct Answer: D

The project manager wants to report to the stakeholders to date project\\’s cost performance. If the total of completed
work to date is $200,000 and the actual cost is $210,000, which of the following is the cost variance?
A. -5%
B. 5%
C. -$10,000
D. $10,000
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following is the FIRST step in a proper change management procedure?
A. Coordinate with appropriate stakeholders
B. Update the project plan
C. Perform impact analysis
D. Identify a change
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following is an advantage of using GERT?
A. Discretionary dependencies can be used
B. Allows using dummy activities
C. Slack time is more easily shown
D. Multiple outcome options can be shown
Correct Answer: D

A project has 45 lines of communication. Which of the following shows how many stakeholders does the project have?
A. 5
B. 9
C. 10
D. 15
Correct Answer: C

A project has two resources scheduled to work 40 hours a week for four weeks, both at $85.00 an hour. One resource
called in sick for 16 hours, while the other resource worked four hours additional. Which of the following is the cost of
the resources?
A. $25,840
B. $26,180
C. $27,200
D. $27,540
Correct Answer: B

A project team is reviewing the deliverables and identifies a deliverable no one on the team has experience with. The
lack of expertise is identified as a risk. The project manager decides, as a workaround, to contract with a third party.
This type of risk response is called:
A. Transference.
B. Avoidance.
C. Monitor and Prepare.
D. Acceptance.
Correct Answer: A

When would a project manager have a closure meeting? (Select THREE).
A. Stage completion
B. Task completion
C. Document completion
D. Project cancellation
E. Project completion
F. Vendor cancellation
Correct Answer: ADE

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