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Scenario: An administrator is creating a vDisk image of a physical Windows server using XenConvert. This vDisk is
going to be used by multiple target devices in Standard Image mode. Which two steps does the administrator need to
take to prepare the Windows server for physical- to-virtual conversion? (Choose two.)
A. Disable Windows Autoplay.
B. Enable Windows Automount.
C. Put the server in Standby mode.
D. Format the hard disk drive of the server.
Correct Answer: AB

Scenario: An administrator is unable to connect to a resource pool in a XenServer environment in which high availability
is enabled. The administrator discovers that the host is unreachable. What does the administrator need to do to recover
the host?
A. Run the pool-disable command, then the host-shutdown command and then restart the host.
B. Run the pool-disable command, then run the pool-emergency-reset-master command and restart the host.
C. Run the emergency-ha-disable command, then once the host is restarted, run the pool-ha- enable command.
D. Run the host-evacuate command, then restart the host and run the pool-emergency- transition- to-master command.
Correct Answer: C

Scenario: An administrator is creating a vDisk image of a physical Windows server using XenConvert. This vDisk is
going to be used by multiple target devices in Standard Image mode. What does the administrator need to do during the
physical-to-virtual conversion to increase the vDisk performance?
A. SysPrep the vDisk.
B. Optimize the vDisk.
C. Run the Windows server in Safe mode.
D. Defragment the physical hard disk before conversion.
Correct Answer: B

Scenario: An administrator has noticed that all storage repositories in XenCenter are shown as using 0 bytes of space.
The administrator has determined that the XAPI database must be in sync with the local VDIs presented on the
underlying storage substrate.
Which command should the administrator run to resolve this issue?
A. xe sr-scan
B. xe sr-probe
C. xe sr-forget
D. xe sr-introduce
Correct Answer: A

Scenario: In preparation for adding a new iSCSI SAN to the environment, an administrator needs to separate the
storage traffic from the XenServer management traffic. The host is connected to the iSCSI SAN on the
subnet using NIC 3.
What must the administrator create to separate the storage network traffic?
A. A management interface
B. An external network
C. A bonded network
D. A single-server private network
Correct Answer: A

Which command should the administrator use to back up XenServer pool metadata regularly?
A. xe pool-param-get
B. xe pool-sync-database
C. xe pool-dump-database
D. xe pool-enable-local storage caching
Correct Answer: C

A. ip addr -r
B. ethtool -Al
C. netreport -r
D. iptables -nL
E. tcpdump -i eth0
Correct Answer: DE

Scenario: An administrator of a XenServer pool needs to ensure that virtual machines will be available in the event of a
disaster. A backup XenServer implementation is in place in another location; however, there is NO replication available.
In preparation for disaster recovery, which step should the administrator perform?
A. Run the vm-export command.
B. Run the vm-migrate command.
C. Take a snapshot of the virtual machines.
D. Install backup agents on the virtual machines.
Correct Answer: A

An administrator needs to throttle traffic from the virtual print server because it has been impacting all virtual machines
on the network. On which object should the QoS policy be configured?
B. Global
C. Server
D. Network
Correct Answer: A

Scenario: An administrator needs to configure a private network between virtual machines on two hosts in a pool using
XenCenter. However, the option to select the appropriate network type is NOT available. Which XenServer component
must the administrator use to enable the correct network type?
A. NIC bond
B. DVS controller
C. XenServer Tools
D. DWLB appliance
Correct Answer: B

Which two CLI commands will correctly restart a virtual machine? (Choose two.)
A. xe vm-start vm=
B. xe vm-reboot vm=
C. xe vm-reboot uuid=
D. xe vm-reset-powerstate vm= -force
Correct Answer: BC

Scenario: XenServer Pool1 must be configured to provide fault tolerance in case a host fails. Pool1 consists of 10
XenServer hosts. Which command should the administrator execute to enable fault tolerance?
A. xe pool-param-add
B. xe pool-join name=Pool1
C. xe pool-ha-enable name=Pool1
D. xe pool-ha-enable heartbeat-sr-uuids=
Correct Answer: D

Scenario: An administrator configured link aggregation on two switch ports that are connected to the XenServer network
interface card (NIC) bond. NO network flow is possible on the NIC bond. How can the administrator resolve this
networking issue?
A. Remove the NIC bond.
B. Change the NIC bond to active/active.
C. Configure link aggregation with failover.
D. Remove link aggregation from the switch ports.
E. Ensure that the IP address is correct on the NIC bond.
Correct Answer: D

An administrator is planning to apply an update that has already been downloaded to a XenServer host in production.
What is the next step that the administrator needs to take in the update process?
A. Restart the host.
B. Generate the UUID for the patch.
C. Specify the UUIDs of the host and the patch.
D. Shut down, suspend or migrate the virtual machines running on the host.
Correct Answer: D

Scenario: The SAN Administrator provided an NFS share for the XenServer Administrator to use. The share name is
NfsLun01 and is located at Which format must the administrator use to connect to the share?
B. \\NfsLun01
Correct Answer: A

An administrator is deploying Provisioning services in a XenServer environment.
Which DHCP option must the administrator enable so that the target device will retrieve the boot file by name from the
TFTP server?
A. 64
B. 65
C. 66
D. 67
Correct Answer: D

An administrator needs to configure dynamic memory control (DMC) for Microsoft Windows XP SP2 virtual machines in
the XenServer pool. What must the administrator do before DMC can be configured on the virtual machines?
A. Update the static memory range.
B. Upgrade to a XenServer Platinum license.
C. Upgrade the virtual machines to Microsoft Windows XP SP3.
D. Run the param-name=memory-static – {min, max} command.
Correct Answer: C

Scenario: An administrator created a single vDisk in the Provisioning Services Console that will be delivered to multiple
target devices. The operating system must save user changes to applications. Which two options did the administrator
select while preparing the vDisk? (Choose two.)
A. Private Image mode
B. Cache in Device RAM
C. Standard Image mode
D. Cache on Hard Drive Persistent
Correct Answer: CD

Scenario: An administrator is installing Provisioning services on a new server. DHCP and PXE servers are already
configured. Which option must the administrator select during the initial Provisioning services configuration to configure
the PXE Service?
A. Microsoft DHCP
B. Other BOOTP or DHCP Service
C. Provisioning services BOOTP Service
D. The service that runs on another computer
Correct Answer: D

Scenario: After a host failure, an administrator rebuilt the host and restored the XenServer pool database. However, all
virtual machines are registered as suspended.
Which command can the administrator use to correct the situation?
A. xe vm-reboot vm=vm_name
B. xe vm-shutdown vm=vm_name
C. xe vm-unpause vm=vm_name –multiple
D. xe vm-reset-powerstate vm=vm_name -force
Correct Answer: D

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