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New IBM certifications II 000-745 Dumps Exam Practice Questions And Answers (1-20)

Which of the following protocols is included free of charge in the IBM N5200?
Correct Answers: C

A customer currently has DS4000 subsystems installed with 5 TB capacity available and wants to provide 5 TB of storage to attach 50 Windows servers via iSCSI connections. Which of the following solutions would provide iSCSI connectivity and high performance at the lowest cost?
A.IBM DS300 Subsystem
B.IBM N3700
C.IBM N5200 Gateway attached to DS4000
D.IBM N7600 Gateway attached to DS4000
Correct Answers: C

A customer is preparing to install a Cisco Storage Director MDS 9509 in their data center. The 9509 will be installed in an existing IBM 2102 rack with SAN32B switches. The rack is installed adjacent to an IBM System p rack. Which of the following reasons explains why this would not be an optimal installation?
A.The 9509 is too heavy for the 2102.
B.The 2102 does not have the correct PDUs to support the 9509.
C.The 9509 has side-to-side airflow.
D.The 9509 requires telco support rails.
Correct Answers: C

Two companies have merged and are making changes to adopt the IT and SAN standards of one of the companies. The new architecture must address flexibility, high availability, and scalability.
In order to make the fabric consolidation and merge process least disruptive, which of the following factors should be evaluated?
A.The total number of domains, and storage ports
B.The number of users, and the types of servers and operating systems
C.Zoning on one fabric, security, network interfaces and management software
D.Domain IDs, zoning, compatibility, IP addresses, and fabric security
Correct Answers: D

A customer has an IBM N3700 model A10. The customer uses RAID DP and traditional volumes.
According to best practice, what is the minimum number of drives that would be needed for system overhead?
Correct Answers: C

A customer has a SAN that includes one IBM DS8000 and one IBM DS4800. Host access to the storage is controlled ONLY via the storage controller’s LUN masking utility. The customer has noticed a long delay when the servers boot due to delays during the fabric discovery stage. 000-745 dumps In order to minimize the fabric discovery stage, the best app:
A.Reduce the number of HBAs for the servers.
B.Implement fabric zoning per host HBA.
C.Increase the number of fabric ISLs.
D.Increase the fabric RO_TV timer value.
Correct Answers: B

A customer is planning a new SAN infrastructure as part of a data center consolidation project at a remote campus site. In the main building, there are: – 20 Microsoft Windows based servers, each with 2 HBAs – 12 AIX servers, each with 3 HBAs – 2 HP-UX servers, each with 4 HBAs – IBM DS8300 with 3 Host Adapter interfaces An IBM 3584 tape library with six LTO-2 tape drives is located in another building with a 550 meter cable run. The time for tape backup operations must be kept to a minimum so all drives will be utilized at the same time by multiple clients. One Cisco MDS 9509 director will be located in the main building, and a Cisco 9216 switch will be located with the tape drives. How many additional short wave and long wave SFPs need to be ordered?
A.102 short wave SFPs and 0 long wave SFPs
B.100 short wave SFPs and 0 long wave SFPs
C.96 short wave SFPs and 4 long wave SFPs
D.0 short wave SFPs and 104 long wave SFPs
Correct Answers: C

A customer wants to add an IBM N series filer to their enterprise. They want to attach clients using CIFS and NFS protocols on the IP network. Which of the following should be considered when determining the impact of this solution on the IP network?
A.The maximum number of connections, total usable capacity of the N filer, and estimated peak I/O activity.
B.The operating system type and Linux kernel release level for the clients that are connecting to the N Series servers.
C.The processor speed, memory size, manufacturer, and direct attached disk size of each client.
D.The vendor that manufactures the Network Interface Cards and the certified maximum transmissions speed of the network cables.
Correct Answers: A

What N series Data ONTAP standard feature enables authenticated, command-line based administrative sessions between an N series system via the internet?
Correct Answers: B

Which feature of Cisco Fabric Manager is designed to integrate with other management tools?
A.The specific vendor plug-in offered by Cisco
B.The Cisco Agent on the host system
C.A request form for a feature enhancement to Cisco
D.The Application Program Interface
Correct Answers: D

A customer needs to have an integrated data management solution for his SQL Server 2000 environment that improves the availability and reliability of SQL Server databases. What softwarefeature option can the customer use for SQL server?
Correct Answers: C

What product will allow a Storage Administrator to set storage utilization alerts for the DS8000, DS4800, San Volume Controller, and EMC DMX?
A.Brocade Fabric Manager
B.IBM Total Productivity Center
C.EMC StorageScope
D.Cisco Fabric Manager Server
Correct Answers: B

A storage specialist just added an N series Gateway to a storage environment. The specialist would like to change the FCP adapter 0d type on the N5500 system from target to initiator mode. 000-745 dumps
What is the correct command to use?
A.ifadmin config -t initiator 0d
B.storage config -t initiator 0d
C.fcadmin config -t initiator 0d
D.fcadmin config mode initiator 0d
Correct Answers: C

A customer has three datacenters and 37 servers. They need heterogeneous super-efficient hourly disk-based online backup and restore by periodically backing up a SnapShot copy from Windows and Linux clients to another system. What N series feature do they need?
B.Open System SnapVault
Correct Answers: B

Which of the following are TWO methods to enable NDMP support on the N series?
A.Via command line: ndmpd on
B.By installing the NDMP protocol via http.
C.By attaching a tape library
D.By using a rpm package: rpm -ivh ndmpd72.rpm
E.Using FilerView: selecting NDMP and using the enable button.
Correct Answers: A E

A customer’s System p server is running AIX 5L V5.3 on a DS8300. Additionally, a critical DB2 database runs on this system. What would be the best high availability option for this solution?
B.Single Path only
Correct Answers: C

The IBM N series subsystems include which of the following no-charge features?
Correct Answers: C

A customer wants to upgrade an N series system from an N5200 to an N7600. What must be done to complete this upgrade?
A.Simply change the N series heads – all configuration data stays on the disks.
B.Purchase a head, new disks, and shelves. Then use SnapMirror to migrate the volumes.
C.Purchase a head, new disks, and shelves. Then use ndmpdump to migrate the volumes.
D.Purchase a head, new disks, and shelves. Use Data Fabric Manager to migrate the data.
Correct Answers: B

Using multiple IBM SAN256B Directors (2109-M48) requires which of the following enabled licenses to support FICON? 000-745 dumps
A.Port Tunneling
B.Expanded Port Feature
C.Enterprise Passthru
D.Advanced Security with CUP
Correct Answers: D

If a storage specialist would like to connect a DS4800 to an N series Gateway, what is the correct host connection type to set on the DS4800?
C.SUSE Linux
D.Redhat Linux
Correct Answers: A

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