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Cisco 802.1X phasing enables flexible deployments through the use of open, low-impact, and closed modes. What is a
unique characteristic of the most secure mode?
A. Granular ACLs applied prior to authentication
B. Per user dACLs applied after successful authentication
C. Only EAPoL traffic allowed prior to authentication
D. Adjustable 802.1X timers to enable successful authentication
Correct Answer: C


An engineer has implemented 802. 1X on a cisco 2960x switch with this port configuration: When a non-managed
network switch is connected 802. 1x fails which reason for this failure is true?lead4pass 300-208 exam question q2

A. The mab command is missing.
B. The authentication host-mode multi-auth command is miss
C. EAPOL frames are not being forwarded
D. BPDU frames are not being sent.
E. The authentication host-mode multi-host command is miss.
Correct Answer: E

A network administrator must remediate unpatched servers by redirecting them to their remediation portal. Which
conditions in the authorization policy must the network administrator provision on Cisco ISE to accomplish this task?
A. noncompliant
B. quarantine
C. compliant
D. URL redirect
Correct Answer: A


A network administrator has just added a front desk receptionist account to the Cisco ISE Guest Service sponsor group.
Using the Cisco ISE Guest Sponsor Portal, which guest services can the receptionist provide?
A. Authenticate guest users to Cisco ISE.
B. Keep track of guest user activities.
C. Create and manage guest user accounts.
D. Configure authorization setting for guest users.
Correct Answer: C


What are the two values Cisco recommends that you configure and test when deploying MAB 802.1x?
A. supp-timeout
B. server-timeout
C. max-req
D. max-reauth-req
E. tx-period
Correct Answer: BD

You have configured a Cisco ISE1.2 deployment for self registration of guest users. What two options can you select
from to determine when the account duration timer begins(Choose two)?
A. Createtime
B. Firstlogin
C. Approvaltime
D. Custom
E. Starttime
Correct Answer: AB


Which characteristic of static SGT classification is true?
A. uses MAB
B. maps a tag to an IP address
C. maps a tag to a MAC address
D. uses web authentication
Correct Answer: A


In an ISE 1.3 environment which two remediation types are supported on the NAC agent for Macintosh1? (Choose
A. antivirus remediation (manual)
B. link remediation (automatic)
C. link remediation (manual)
D. antivirus remediation (automatic)
E. antispyware remediation (manual)
Correct Answer: BD


Which three remediation actions are supported by the Web Agent for Windows? (Choose three.)
A. Automatic Remediation
B. Message text
C. URL Link
D. File Distribution
E. AV definition update
F. Launch Program
Correct Answer: BCD


Which two statements about MAB are true? (Choose two.)
A. It requires a preexisting database of the MAC addresses of permitted devices.
B. It is unable to control network access at the edge.
C. If MAB fails, the device is unable to fall back to another authentication method.
D. It is unable to link the IP and MAC addresses of a device.
E. It is unable to authenticate individual users.
Correct Answer: AE


Which type of SGT classification method is required when authentication is unavailable?
A. Bypass
B. Dynamic
C. Static
D. Inline
Correct Answer: C


The NAC Agent v4.9.x uses which ports and protocols to communicate with an ISE Policy Service Node?
A. tcp/8905, http/80, ftp/21
B. tcp/8905, http/80, https/443
C. udp/8905, telnet/23, https/443
D. udp/8906, http/80, https/443
Correct Answer: B


Which operating system type needs access to the Internet to download the application that is required for BYOD on-
A. iOS
C. Android
D. Windows
Correct Answer: C

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